We managed to survive the con weekend, though a couple of us were in some bad shape on Sunday. Well, we'd wanted to be all Guns n' Roses...

More pictures to come when I have time to scan (2002-08-14)

The 'bar'

More 'bar'

Yet more barness

Joel, Jo and Nic (and others) on Women in Gaming

And more paneling

LARP Geeks Unite

More LARPers

Joel, Jo, Nic

Nic feels the con stress and it's only Friday

Sarah is being decadent

Typical Dave pose

Joel and his friend Jack

Too much food

Leo's Zen

Mars Panel

Mars Panel

Jedi Nic

Dave's Hero Clix

Ugh. Afternoon.


Dave's Chillin'

Party Time

More Partyness

Leo, Sarah and Joel

Nic's back?


Lookin' a little pink there, Nic.

All those people in but one room

How *you* doin'?

And the night wears on...

Roupen relieves us of excess food

King of the Hill


Sunday with the Alien

The Line, The Hangover

Kindred: The Embraced!

Dominic Keating

Leo reveals his new Trek geekness to Dominic and his hottie SO, Jill

Nic asks Amber Benson some stuff

Wee Amber

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