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The financial capital of Canada, Toronto should be ruled by elements of logic, binary codes streaming along fiber optic cable, providing structure to monetary empires. But Toronto has an older purpose that still exists beneath the steel support beams of the giant glass towers rising majestically into the air. First and foremost the city is the meeting place; a place where people from around the world come with dreams, and others to escape nightmares.

The cosmopolitan city teems with life as men and women follow their asphalt paths blissfully ignorant of the predators amongst them. In the society of man, power is attained through the acquisition of money. Through the accumulation of wealth they break themselves into classes, the most affluent rising above the others to guide the public. For the society of Kindred, power is attained through the acquisition of power. For the immortal money is an important tool, but does not transform itself into power among the populace. For each of the covenants power is realized in very different ways and means. But true to all of them, even amongst the Unaligned who stand to the sides, power can only be realized through community. For what is power if you have no one to lord it over?

Through Elysium the Toronto Kindred sell their wares; providing all manner of service in return for money, but more importantly future favors. The only recognized neutral ground in the domain, the Elysium is the center of Kindred life. While there are many in Toronto who has decided that they would be better off without the Court, and Elysium, they inevitably find their way to the hallowed halls. Not all attend due to business; some come as a result of more personal motivations. While predatory creatures the customs of their mortal life are difficult to leave behind and companionship still calls to many.

The theme which runs through the city is best understood through the Virtue and Vice of the city - Hope and Greed; through their nightly interactions your characters will recognize these influences permeating the domain; affecting not only mortal society, but as well the other supernatural forces that might be present.

This game is primarily focused upon relationships, the importance they hold to characters, and the impact they can have on a person’s life. This will be explored through the lineages, and the impact they have had on the domain – which continues to echo throughout the city decades and centuries later. Are they in decline? Do they prepare to seize the initiative and drive the community in a direction of their choosing? But such families do not exist in a vacuum. In conjunction with these familial relations the stories for this game will also focus upon the struggles between the vying Covenants, and the politics that these conflicts engender.