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Fraternity of Freedom

The Fraternity of Freedom is a loosely organized group of about twenty-five Keepers who believe that continuing to hide under Vimary is to allow their lives to be governed by fear and paranoia. The Fraternity believes that in order to survive and flourish, they must quit the tunnels, and be prepared to fight for their continued existence. Since Garoth has the respect of the members of the Fraternity and is very passionate in his beliefs, the group looks to him for leadership and guidance. They are a new generation of Keepers, who have seen what a lifetime underground has done to their parents and grandparents, and who realized, after the attack on Vimary, that the tunnels were not the protection that they had once believed them to be. They will not betray the other Keepers, but believe their views to be archaic and outdated.
The Fraternity will do whatever it takes to build a life aboveground, or as close as they can at present - in the tunnels closest to the streets of Hom. The Fraternity have gradually been making themselves indispensable to the people of Hom. The group's cooperation ensures that any member of the Fraternity can usually provide whatever their customers ask for. However, dealing with them usually comes with a steep price; the Fraternity will generally only accept food as payment. Without the support of the other Keepers, trade is the only way to ensure that they will not starve for their beliefs.

Garoth, Keeper, Fraternity of Freedom

As the most respected member of the Fraternity, Garoth is regarded as the leader of the group, both within its ranks, and around Hom. During his time aboveground, he has recognized that though he keeps the relics of the World Before, the people of Hom will create the World to Come. More importantly, he has realized that these people who are on the brink of war are just like his ancestors, faced with a choice between hiding and fighting.
Due to this revelation, Garoth refuses to make the same mistakes that were made in years long past. He intends to make sure that the Fraternity has the opportunity to live outside of the tunnels, and perhaps, some day, become more involved.
Garoth has become well known and well regarded in Hom partially due to his impressive ability to procure goods (due to the Fraternity's cooperation and aggressive trading), and partially because he is agreeable, straightforward, and handles his business fairly.

Highlights: Cagey, Straightforward, Dedicated
Attributes: CRE +2, FIT -1, INF +2, KNO +1, PSY +1, WIL +1, STA 25 UD 2 AD 2
Skills: Firearms 1/0, Tinker 1/+2, Haggling 1/+2, Leadership 1/+2, Read/Write (Keeper) 1/+1, Speak (Tribal) 1/+1, Tech Lore (Mechanics) 1/+1, Technosmithing (Jury Rig) 1

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